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World Rugby Election: Who are the candidates and what do they stand for?

The election for the chairman of World Rugby is set to take place on May 12 via an online vote which will decide who will head the organisation until 2024.

Current chairman and former England captain Sir Bill Beaumont is up against Argentinian and ex Bristol scrum-half Agustin Pichot for the job.

Beaumont will be looking to secure his second term as chairman while Pichot, who is also his current vice-chairman, wants to step up to replace the man he now calls his boss.

Both men come from very different eras of rugby: Beaumont played before the sport became professional in 1995 and has a much more steady and conservative view on how things should be run.

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Pichot on the other hand finished his career in 2009 and he represents a much more progressive stance on how to go about things.

As a result, the two candidates have very different ideas on how they would run World Rugby. Here are the key points both men are advocating.

Sir Bill Beaumont’s Key Points

Beaumont is basing his election bid around 5 main points

  • Governance
  • Global Season
  • A review of World Rugby’s Financial Policy
  • Player Welfare
  • Women’s Rugby

It is understood that Beaumont has already received backing from the Six Nations, with Wales being the most recent nation to get behind his campaign.

Perhaps the most significant change that Beaumont is proposing is for more changes to the women’s game for which he wants to create more opportunities for girl to get involved with the sport.

Agustin Pichot’s Key Points

Pichot’s manifesto is much more forward thinking that his opponent’s but could it be too ambitious?

A key point of Pichot’s is to make Rugby Union a more global game, and to do this more money needs to be spread around rather than just going to the bigger nations.

The 45 year old has proven to be very popular on social media, showing great media savvy in his campaign with many fans appear to be on his side, favouring a change to the way World Rugby is operated.

New Zealand are one of the elite nations to back Pichot which is likely due to his preference for the new Nations Championship that fell through in 2019.

It will certainly be an upset if Pichot is elected as new chairman but nothing is set in stone.

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