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Willi Heinz on the impact of COVID-19 on Gloucester Rugby

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has been devastating. Economies are grinding to a halt and the impacts of this pandemic will be felt for decades.

Sport is so often used as an escape by fans who can drift away from the complications of their lives and come together with like-minded people in cheering on their club.

Coronavirus has ended sport. Fans are lost.

The athletes are struggling during this time as well and many have been asked to take pay cuts as their clubs fight for survival in these impossible times.

Gloucester Rugby have been hit hard. It is reported that they lose up to £500,000 for every game that is not played and club captain Willi Heinz has spoken about some of the challenges that both he has faced personally and the club in general.

“It’s obviously come as a shock to everyone and it’s disappointing the season is on hold. But there are bigger things in play out there, so you’ve got to adjust,” Heinz told the Rugby Paper.

“In terms of the pay, it’s upsetting and it causes disruption to people’s lives throughout the whole Gloucester organisation. You’ve got people who are earning pretty good money, but then you’ve got the Kingsholm staff who probably aren’t earning loads.

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“It hits everyone in different ways and while your initial reaction is to think of yourself and your own situation, you’ve got to have empathy and understand that other people are going through difficult situations as well. Ultimately, we love the club and from talking to people in other teams, that’s the reaction most guys have had throughout the game.

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“As players at Gloucester Rugby, the message we gave back to the management was that what we all want to see is games back on and the club continuing to provide the product for our supporters and television companies. As soon as that comes, we’ll be ready to go.”

Sports fans and their idols are in this together. We are all feeling the impact of these times and hopefully, it won’t be long until we can be watching live sport to help us forget these nightmarish times.

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