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Why a window at the popular bar is boarded up today

A window at a Cheltenham bar was boarded up today after a chair was thrown through it.

The incident happened at Montpellier’s popular bar, Harry Cooks.

Gloucestershire Constabulary said such vandalism had not been “flagged as an issue” in the area.

The Montpellier Wine Bar has occupied the corner of Montpellier Street since 1977.

A barman there said:

“It happens everywhere not just here, some people just can’t handle their alcohol and do crazy things. Smashed windows doesn’t happen all the time.”

When asked about if there needs to be more security in the venues, he told us that ‘they have a big guy who works behind the bar that helps out if there are any issues.’

Harry Cook’s boarded-up window is waiting for repairs and is still open as normal for the weekend ahead.

It is understood that the venue has decided not to press charges over the incident.

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