Tomshaw and Tekkz: What is eSports?

Brad Tomshaw will come out of retirement to represent Park Life eSports at a charity FIFA 20 tournament starting this Friday.

Tomshaw will kick off the tournament at 19:30 BST against Yorkshire Orange and the game will be available to stream on the ParkLife Player.

What is eSports?

eSports is competitive level of gaming where professional gamers play against each other to win sums of money and prizes. At a professional level, gamers can represent different organisations, just like in football. Find out how Park Life FC is getting on in the ePL Competitive Gaming League.

Each competing eSports organisation will often have a number of teams in their ranks across multiple games. One example is Fnatic; founded in 2004, with ten teams across ten different games including Fortnite eSports and FIFA eSports.

Fnatic Tekkz

Also representing the Fnatic brand is Tekkz – Tomshaw’s FIFA tutor for the past few weeks.

Tekkz is the FIFA eClub World Cup champion and has won FIFA eSports titles in Barcelona and Bucharest. Tomshaw has spent the past two weeks mastering his new skill online with Tekkz, using video calls to improve in preparation for the tournament.

How do I watch eSports?

You can stream Tomshaw’s eSports battle with Yorkshire Orange on the ParkLifePLayer from 19:30BST on Friday.

If you would like to acclimatise yourself with the eSports format and all the thrills and the spills of the gaming world before then, the best place to find professional gaming is on Twitch.tv.

The Esports Calendar provides a list of the events happening for the bigger games in the esports industry.

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