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The Cheltenham gallery cleared out by a mouse

Castle Fine Art gallery on the Promenade, Cheltenham, has had its walls stripped bare because of the arrival of a particular mouse.

Eager customers, are jumping on the chance to buy vintage Disney production drawings and story boards. The gorgeous, original, cartoons detail some of the artist’s most treasured characters. Like Mickey, Pinocchio, Smee and Captain Hook.

Walt Disney and his creation Mickey Mouse

They have been perfectly preserved since the 1940’s and are now rapidly selling at an average of £5,000 a pop.

Adam Tubb from Castle Fine art said, ‘We’ve sold quite a few pieces to a variety of different people…’

‘One man in his late 40’s bought one because he loved Disney. Although his wife and kids weren’t so interested when they saw it.’

The most expensive piece was a ‘Mickey and Donald’ that sold for £25,000.

The collection is curated by world-renowned art dealer Ari Goldman, who has sold art to the Disney Animation Research Library and advised Christie’s and Sotheby’s. He adds: “These original works are part of the very DNA responsible for the magic of Disney’s global appeal. To me, it is amongst the most inexpensive and under-priced fine art available.”

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