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We’re back!

We’ve made a return to the newsroom, after a short-lived recovery from the Newsweek. After our website was taken over by sports journalism students, we’ve managed to take back control (#bitlikeBrexitDay) As usual, we’ll be busy finding stories. We’ve also got a couple of new additions this month: recording podcasts and giving you a news […]


Potential refurbishment for Park Campus bar

Park bar ‘The Stag’ could be getting a new refurbishment. Plans for the new bar have emerged, bringing in new and exciting changes. The plans come after parts of the refectory had their own refurbishments during the Easter holidays. Some changes include moving the sandwich and drinks stall, a self-service coffee machine and new signs on the […]


Varsity: Looking ahead to Gloucester’s rivalry

With varsity getting underway on Wednesday, the University of Gloucestershire will prepare to face Worcester University across many sports. Worcester took the series 15-11 last year which gave them back to back Varsity wins. Before that Gloucester had a win streak stretching back to 2005. Lauren Chenoweth, who oversees the event at Gloucester, wants to […]


Oxstalls campus expansion plans accepted

Plans to expand the Oxstalls campus of the University of Gloucestershire have been approved by the city council. The plans were first put forward in September 2015, and asked to relocate the business school from Cheltenham’s Park campus to Gloucester. The university will also create a new block of student accommodation to house the extra […]


Are buses getting later and later?

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and it’s absolutely freezing! Everyone is huddled around the bus stop; their hands buried deep in their pockets and their eagle eyes peeled for any one of the two buses that stop here. The atmosphere at this bus stop is always competitive. The bus I get on every morning […]


UCAS Chief Exec to stand down after 7 years

Mary Curnock Cook – The Chief Executive of university applications service UCAS has made the decision to leave in 2017. UCAS head office is based in Cheltenham and is a admissions service for entry into higher education. During her time there she introduced lots of change putting massive amounts of funding into new technology turning […]