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Sports Personality of University of Gloucestershire: Sam Bytheway

With the current pandemic, this year #TeamGlos Sports Awards held by the University of Gloucestershire will be held online – the newest award is the Sports Personality of University of Gloucestershire brought in by the new SU Sports Officer: George Berry.

One of the shortlisted nominees is Sam Bytheway. Originally from Manchester, Bytheway is a third-year sports journalism student at the University of Gloucestershire. He is a playing member of UoG men’s rugby union and also has also sat on their committee as marketing secretary for the last two years.

Speaking exclusively to Park Life Sport, the student said: “I think being nominated for the Sports Personality of UoG award was a bit of a surprise to me. All the other nominees involved are really high profile names within the uni and I never thought I fell into the same catagory.


“They’ve done some great things for their sports teams and the SU as a whole. Like Georgie running for SU Sports Officer, Charlotte playing for England, doing amazing things for women’s rugby on a whole, the men’s team have really pushed them on this year considering they’ve only had 15 players for hardly any of the games. Then Lizzie, what an all-round lively person, does a lot for the uni by playing a lot of other sports when other teams have been short, not just netball but women’s football and women’s rugby. She really embodies what a UoG athlete should be. The same with Jordan, obviously he’s club captain of men’s football and the club has had their most successful year this year.

“I think just being nominated this year with a lot of big names has just made me really proud. It makes me realise all the work I’ve done this year within UOGRFC has made it really worth it.”

“With this year being the first, hopefully, the university will continue to give out this award for many years to come. I think everyone wants to win the first of something but in this case, being shortlisted is still a big deal.

“I think winning SPOUOG is something that will make me immensely proud and as I’ve said, I’m just proud to have been nominated really among these other names.

“I think if I win, It’ll just show that the difficult times I’ve had at uni have all been worth it. I have had some difficult times at uni in terms of expressing myself and being happy in myself so winning an award like that would really make me realise that I am well-liked and appreciated and I don’t have to worry about who I am.”

An award like this could really bring morale to the uni in these unprecedented times. Bytheway said: “I’ve spoken to George, on our men’s rugby podcast, a little bit about how important the awards are and how important it is to keep the uni and clubs together, celebrate the acheivements of all the clubs this year. A lot of the clubs have had a big year, as I said about men’s football, they’ve had a massive year, cheer, dance, women’s football, badminton; they’ve all had great years and I think it’s important to celebrate them.”

“I think winning SPOUOG would be something that would make me immensely proud.”

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