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Premiership Rugby releases the report of Lord Myners review.

The Gallagher Premiership has released a comprehensive report and review of the Salary Cap which was investigated by former Government Minister, Lord Myners (CBE)

The official comment from the League is as states, ” The Myners Review follows on from the 2019 case in which an independent disciplinary panel upheld charges against Saracens for breaches of the Salary Cap. The panel gave a strong endorsement of the regulations, finding the cap to be consistent with competition law and with the objectives of ensuring the financial viability of clubs and the league, controlling inflationary pressures, providing a level playing field, ensuring a competitive league and enabling clubs to compete in European competitions.”

Saracens were found guilty of breaching the salary cap at the start of the 2019 rugby season in September. As a result of the investigation, the current champions of Europe will be automatically relegated to the second tier of English Rugby for the 2020/21 season.

Among the list of changes Lord Myners recommends is as follows:

  • Greater flexibility for a Disciplinary Panel in relation to the range, and severity, of sanctions to ensure “the punishment fits the crime”, including the availability of sanctions such as suspensions and the removal of titles
  • The promotion of greater transparency, which will broaden and deepen visibility and scrutiny
  • Greater accountability for the board and the executives of the constituent clubs of Premiership Rugby
  • Greater accountability for the players and their agents
  • Increased reporting obligations on clubs
  • Stronger investigatory powers vested in the salary cap manager function and increased resource to perform this function
  • Making the regulations easier for clubs to understand, and for Premiership Rugby to administer

Lord Myners report also includes seven overall recommendations:

1. Separation of Investigation, Decision to Prosecute and Enforcement

2. Transparency

3. Drafting of the Regulations and Definition of Salary

4. Club Accountability

5. Player Accountability

6. Accountability of others

7. Powers and Resource of the SCM and the auditors

This signifies the nearing of the end of the investigation for the Gallagher Premiership.

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