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Park Life Sport EXCLUSIVE: Steve Brenner Talks Tennis and Newcastle United

Thanks to the coronavirus, the sporting world is at a standstill. With many sports, particularly in the UK, there seems to be no set date for when we can see our favourite stars back in action.

On the tennis circuit events are getting cancelled by the day. British sports reporter, Steve Brenner, who now resides in the US, has covered the sport for many years. He said: “I started covering tennis in 2011 and saw a lot of [Andy] Murray success. I’ve seen him at a few Australian Open and Wimbledon finals, and saw him win Olympic gold.

“At the moment I’m not really sure what they’ll do with the rest of the season. The French [Open] got rescheduled and is set to take place after the US Open which is unrealistic.

“It’s a bit trickier with tennis in a global pandemic because the tour works differently to football where all the crowd and players are set to be in one place and they travel together. In tennis you’ve got people coming from different parts of the world for an event. There’s umpires, the players, fans and so much more.

“It might be best to start the tour again in January for the Australian Open, although they might play a few events at the end of the year.”

Brenner also covered football in the North East and related to the Newcastle fans amidst their potential change of owners, he said: “The fans just want [Mike] Ashley out. They think everyone’s against them but everyone wants to see them do well.”

The Magpies are linked with a potentially huge takeover, seeing them become the richest club in England. “I’m not saying I agree with it,” Brenner said, “but it’s just the way football’s going at the moment. It’s also a strange time for this to be happening, during a global pandemic.

“It’s a big business, we saw it with Manchester City several years back and they were able to get some good signings in. But then the financial fair play rules come into play so we’ll have to see.”

The Premier League hopes for a return to action on 12 June, with matches played behind closed doors. 

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