21/02/20 12:00 minute

From EastEnders to Avengers, this minute gives us the latest showbiz news.

21/02/2020 11:00am minute

Presenters Adam and Terry cover local topics from updates on flooding to Christmas dinners in February in the 11 am Parklife minute

21/02/2020 10:00am minute

Presenters Ollie Chard and Terry Mae kick off the day with our first national Parklife minute.

9.30 Park Life Minute

This is the first park life minute of the day at 9.30. Hayley and Megan talk about today’s breaking headlines including updates on coronavirus in the UK, to save you a bit of time this morning.

10.30 Parklife Minute

Your 10.30 Parklife minute update with Jess and Alicja. We talked all about Cheltenham, from Light Up Cheltenham, vintage art and Storm Ciara to prepare you for a windy weekend.

11.30 Parklife Minute

An 11.30 Parklife entertainment special with Jess and Hayley. We discussed Philip Schofield coming out as gay in an emotional Instagram story, Oscars nominations and Matthew Perry joining his Friends co-stars on Instagram.

12:30 Parklife Minute

Your 12:30 lunchtime minute news with Megan and Jess. Our breaking news headlines included Coronavirus abroad, Donald Trumps’ furious exchange with Boris Johnson and Princess Beatrice wedding updates.

13:30 Park Life Minute

Your 13:30 Park Life Minute with Alicja and Hayley. We talk about how the weather is affecting the Light Up Cheltenham festival, the upcoming Vegan Fair and all those pesky town names we can’t pronounce.

14:30 Park Life Minute

Here’s your final minute of the day, where Megan and Alicja give you the rundown on all of the top entertainment headlines and prepare you for the Oscars on Sunday. Hear more about the awards in our Parklife podcast with Adam, Terry and Will.

Love you for a minute

10:00 Park Life Minute

This is your first minute of the day with Emily and Mae. We talk about all the headlines at the moment with the Corona-virus and Storm Dennis along with Billie Eilish’s new song.

11:00 Park Life Minute

In this minute Mae and Phillipa talk about all the international news going on in the world right now. Climate change and Valentines day are two big topics today. Also we talk about Justin Bieber’s new album release.

12:00 Park Life Minute

In the 12 O’clock minute, Ciara and Emily discuss what is going on in local news. Stray dogs in Stroud and Extinction Rebellion in Cheltenham. As well as how Storm Dennis is going to effect us here.

1:00 Park Life Minute

Emily and Mae take on the entertainment news this time. With Stormzy’s Asia shows being cancelled and Mariah Carey being announced as a headliner for Brighton Pride. It is a full packed minute.

14:00 Park Life Minute

On the two O’clock minute, Ciara and Mae take on the local news. Telling the story of Valentine the abandoned dog. And the potholes in Cheltenham which are being fixed.

On our final Park Life minute of the day, we’re talking about the latest on the coronavirus, how a dog and his 13 year-old owner are helping tackle pollution and plans to clean up Mount Everest.

To Kick-start the morning both Matt and Will give us updates on Gretas visit to Bristol, the extent of the Coronavirus, and storm Jorge.

In our entertainment minute we tell you about Taylor Swift as ‘The Man’, Mission Impossible 7, Eurovision and Mark Ruffalo’s views on climate change.

In our latest minute we update you on the massive youth climate rally happening in Bristol today, being led by Greta Thunberg. For more details check out our live blog

27.02.20 – 13:00

In this minute Robbie and Billy come live from the climate strike in Bristol.