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Lizzie Thacker on being shortlisted for the Sports Personality of University of Gloucestershire: “I was so surprised, it was completely unexpected”

Sport and exercise Science student at the University of Gloucestershire talks exclusively to Park Life Sport on being chosen for the Sports Personality Award.

However, due to the current pandemic, the event will be held online and for the first time ever, the entire UoG population will be able to vote from Monday, in contrast to before when the SU team would decide the outcome amongst themselves.

“In the past nobody’s known who’s been shortlisted for the award until the night. In the sense of it getting advertised earlier and the university involved it’s great, but obviously the negative aspects of some people thinking that some may not have been deserving of short listed, having a few snippet comments but I guess that’s with anything really, you’ll always have people not always happy with the outcome,” began Thacker.

The netball player talks about how impressive it is to have her teammate Georgie Easdale as one of the other nominees, the current team captain.

“Me and the netball girls had a zoom call where we saw we had both been shortlisted and we all said it was a credibility to the club, not one but two people they shortlisted, I don’t think that’s ever happened where two people from the same club were nominated and it just goes to show that with the university as a whole, it’s not who you represent but how you represent yourself.

Thacker admitted she felt honoured to be selected.

“Georgie who is our CC, people like Jordan Fowler who is also a CC and they’re the public face of their club, although I am the Community and Welfare officer, I don’t play a huge role in the advertisement of the club so for me getting recognised by other teams to show that I had made a significant impact, it’s amazing to be among them really.”

An award like this would be very significant for the 21-year-old: “It would mean the world to me really. 

“You’ve been shortlisted for a reason and made an impact on to at least one person’s university experience and you should be very happy with the result.

“If you are the winner you represent the university as a whole and they see you as a person rather than who you represent as a club, it would be a honour really to win it, in all honesty, just being short listed from all the nominations it’s every club captain that nominates someone to be shortlisted is a honour itself but I think it would be the cherry on the cake to win it all.”

Overall, it’s a great opportunity for the university to come together in this time, everyone’s self-isolating and nobody can see each other and getting the university involved in a goal of who deserves to win the award is great really.”

UoG students will be able to vote online from Monday, May 18. Although, it has not yet been announced where the public can vote from.

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