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Horoscopes: do your stars allign this Valentine’s day?

Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo star signs are all about Valentine’s day, in fact, obsessed with the idea of the romantic holiday. So Park Life is going to be your cupid and find your perfect astrology match.

St Valentine’s day is a day of romance, candle-lit dinners, and sentimental gifts morning, day and night across Cheltenham.

http://Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay
(20th January- 18th February)

Let’s start with Valentine’s star sign, Aquarius. This sign enjoys their alone time and being free but thankfully are people lovers. You get on best with Gemini, Libra, and your own Aquariuns because you appreciate one another’s space and boundaries. An Aquarius who finds a relationship with a Gemini or Leo is very lucky because you will just get each other.

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(23rd September- 22nd October)

We say Leo and Sagittarius. It’s the laid back balanced lifestyle a Libra lives that can really attract the other signs to them. Although Leo will love the calmness, another thing you will have in common is appreciating the finer things in life.

If you find yourself compatible with a Libra expect a very beautiful and relaxed relationship together.

As a bright, fiery sign you are not afraid to wear your heart upon your sleeve especially around Aquarians, Sagittarius, Leos, and Gemini. You have a loveable personality as you are authentic and genuine. You and your matches will be able to laugh and feed off each other’s enthusiasm making you both perfect for one another.

Avoid going for Aries, you two will just keep going around in circles because sometimes wanting to be right all the time will get exhausting.

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(23rd August – 22nd September)

With Virgo, you need to stick to your earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn. Reasonable thinking is what attracts you to your matches but sometimes it can get tense. It is a couple that physically complements and takes on the world together with a positive and practical attitude.

So come back down to earth and have an intellectual conversation about how you are going to make your Valentine’s extra special. Expect sentimental gifts.

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(19th February – 20th March)

We guarantee a relationship that will bring pure happiness and long-lasting with your fellow water signs, Scorpio and Cancer. As long as you and your match are expressing emotions to one-another this is what will really make the relationship flow.

Oh you are a stubborn star sign that is driven and strive to be the best person you can be. But when it comes to love, you do fall weak at the knees especially with Virgo and Pisces.

It will be a strong personality that binds you both together because you will both be hardworking and have an aim. Not only does Taurus find romance with Virgo and Pisces – you will have a great friendship too.

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(November 22nd – December 21st)

Your spoilt for choice this Valentine’s day with your compatibility with Leo, Aries, Aquarius, and Libra. As a sign you get bored easily but you do know how to keep it spicy which others will swoon for.

The most laid back signs are Libra and Aquarius in the zodiac world so the spontaneous adventures will come more often than not which will make this relationship last.

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(22nd December- 19 January)

You are always up for a challenge and extremely straight to the point and really don’t like wasting time- sound about right? Well, fear not, you are most compatible with Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo and Taurus which kind of narrows it down.

If it feels right, you and your match will know straight away and certainly won’t live any short-term relationships, they will be long and happy lived with one another.

Scorpio and Pisces will fit your romantic desires after watching too many romantic comedies. Cancer can be a jealous sign but your match will tame that feeling and go above and beyond with sentimental ideas and gifts.

This Valentines should be a day and night that will guide you into a bigger picture- maybe a proposal.

http://Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay
(23rd October – 21st November)

Scorpio and Pisces are who you will just click with.

Although the relationship may seem strange from the outside, the level of success of the relationship and love you have for each other is just perfect. Scorpios will feed off each other secrecy, problem-solving and love for finding the truth.

You both will be fearless and committed to one another which makes your love the sweetest.

http://Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay
(23rd July – 22nd August)

You Leo’s are demanding and will get your own way but Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, and Aries will find this cute and will put up with it. On the day of love, you expect to be treated like royalty and be admired by your partner- like a lion. But you give your all to others too, while challenging which will make this relationship work.

There will be strong feelings of lust for life and love.

With the two- personality aspects of Gemini can seem daunting but when you come face to face with either an Aquarius or Libra you really show your affection and be really sweet.

You want to keep these signs on your good side you need to treat them like they’re the only ones in the world because you will love through and through.

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