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Greta calls on Bristol to “be the grown ups”

Greta Thunberg has delivered a powerful speech at Bristol this morning in front of a crowd of 20,000 to say that the government need to “grow up” and start to make a difference on climate change.

Greta’s speech in Bristol

“I will not be silenced whilst the world is on fire”, Greta once again shows tremendous authority, starting the march through Bristol to make the world aware that she will not sit by and let this climate change go unchallenged.

While 17 year old Greta gave her rallying call a few medics needing to be called to some incidents in the crowd of people, speakers of the protest consistently made sure to keep it a non-violent protest and to ensure everyone’s well being.

The clean up team have begun their work, with crowds thinning out by the hour.

Avon and Somerset Police say 20,000 flooded the streets but organisers say it was closer to 30,000.

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