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Cheltenham Town captain Ben Tozer on setting up a fundraiser: “It’s not about myself, it’s all about the NHS”

Cheltenham Town’s Ben Tozer has shown his gratitude towards NHS workers by setting up a fundraiser to help raise money.

“I’ve seen loads of things like people doing things for charity and making money and thought, what can I do?”

The midfielder gained the idea from watching a rugby team from his home town, Plymouth as they shave their heads.

“I can do just that to see if I can raise some money possible for the NHS that are doing a fantastic job at the moment, it’s gone great, really good.”

The Former Newcastle United player initially posted a video on Twitter where he claimed he would film his hair being shaved off if it achieved a total of £100, which did not take long.

On the same day, Tozer filmed himself shaving his hair off and nominating his teammate, Sean Long.

(Credit: Ben Tozer’s Twitter page)

“I knew I could rely on them to do it,” said the 30-year-old.

“Sean Long would do it which is great but George Lloyd, I was quite impressed at the fact he did it, I didn’t really expect him to do it but it’s amazing really.”

(Credit: George Lloyd’s Twitter page)

With the excellent responses from his teammates and most recently, Alex Addai, he disclosed that if the total surpassed the initial £2500 – the goalkeeper coach would also get involved.

“It’s amazing, it’s also great to keep my mind focussed on something and I’m enjoying it. You want to make as much money as you can because there’s so much equipment that they need and these things are vital just to save one person’s life so that’s the motivation really.

“Our goalkeeper coach said he’d shave his off so be nice to see maybe get the fans involved as well and see if any of them are willing to do it.”

During uncertain times like this, Tozer expressed it is important to try and “make a positive out of a negative situation.”

It is vital that individuals show their support during this difficult situation and it is another opportunity for fans to engage with the club given the period where there has been no action of sport.

“To bring the fans and the club together in this pretty dark time, it’d be amazing.”

The player’s initial aim was to see if his teammates, staff and fans would join in to help raise money for the cause with a great meaning behind it. A fantastic way to show key workers how they are appreciated during this strenuous period.

“If one or two people did it and it raised more money then that’s the most important thing, it’d be great and like I said it’s not about myself, it’s all about the NHS and the incredible work they do and how they are literally on their knees at the moment.”

If you would like to donate money towards this great cause, then you can do so via the crowdfunder page.

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