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Cheltenham Playhouse opens its doors to screen some all time favourite classics

The Cheltenham playhouse takes a break from all things theatre and steps into the cinematic world by screening some of our favourite classics over the past few decades.

For as little £5 a seat, the intimate theatre on Bath Road is playing timeless films including twice BAFTA winning British Film, Bait directed by Mark Jenkin and childhood favourite Snow White. Tonight at 7:30pm they’ll be showing one of the greatest film comedies of all time, Some Like it Hot featuring Marilyn Monroe.

What’s not to love about this intimate experience? This is one cinema experience that gets straight to the point with no adverts or trailers, films simply start on the dot as advertised.

The small-scale community theatre is making the most of its picturesque setting by hosting these film screenings almost daily. The Playhouse have brought some of our favourite iconic sweethearts back to our screens such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

There seems to be no certain date for when these screenings will come to an end. There’s also ice-cream on offer for those who love a movie and snack.

Who doesn’t want to see Marilyn Monroe back on your screen tonight?

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