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Cyber Park consultation: full of “motherhood and apple pie”

Cheltenham residents have complained about lack of sustenance in the Council’s Cyber Park plans, as a consultation comes to a close. “The consultation is full of ‘motherhood and apple pie’, excellent ideas that cannot be faulted but which contain little detail on actual implementation.” This one was one of the criticisms that emerged in the […]

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The Cheltenham gallery cleared out by a mouse

Castle Fine Art gallery on the Promenade, Cheltenham, has had its walls stripped bare because of the arrival of a particular mouse. Eager customers, are jumping on the chance to buy vintage Disney production drawings and story boards. The gorgeous, original, cartoons detail some of the artist’s most treasured characters. Like Mickey, Pinocchio, Smee and […]


The King’s School royally falling behind in Gloucester

The King’s School’s sixth form in Gloucester falls below national average in a recent ‘student progression score study’ conducted by The Department of Education. This means A-level student’s attending the £18,000-a-year school made less progress on average, than students across England, who got similar results at GCSE level. The average A-level result for pupils is […]